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Alpine Elementary On Campus Program

Avid4 Adventure is very pleased to be returning to Alpine Elementary to deliver the Outdoor Education Intensive for K through 4th Grade students. The “Intensive” is an outdoor education, on-campus immersion program bringing four stations that students will rotate through during one full day. Coming to Alpine Elementary will be a portable rock climbing wall, a mountain bike skills course, a kayak paddle tank, and a Leave No Trace outdoor classroom. All of this is incorporated into a cohesive curriculum that is framed within a non-competitive and supportive atmosphere led by our experienced and professional staff. All specialized equipment is provided by Avid4 Adventure, as is all instruction and safety management. No previous experience or purchasing of specialized equipment is necessary on the part of the participants.



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  • Class/Group Schedule
  • Schedule of Activities
  • What to Bring
  • After School Program
  • Weather Contingencies & Safety
  • Nature of Activites
  • Questions

Class/Group Schedule

  • Class/Group Schedule

    October 17-20


    Classes attending Tues 10/17:

    2nd-Salata, Tena, Polluck, Daley

    Classes attending Weds 10/18:


    3rd-Drangied, Ranweiler, Anderson

    Classes attending Thurs 10/19:

    4th-Lind, Radke, Neiswander

    Classes attending Fri 10/20:


    K-O’Toole, Lenner (attending AM), Etherington (attending PM)

Schedule of Activities

  • Schedule of Activities

    Each student will spend an entire day participating at the intensive. On their assigned day, students should report to their regular class, after which they will be divided into small groups and head outside to the field. Daily Schedule (subject to modification) Introduction- Meet in regular classroom, Break into groups, Go outside, Program Overview Activity 1 (Biking, Climbing, Kayaking or Leave No Trace) Snack Activity 2 Lunch Activity 3 Break Activity 4 Final Assembly 3:00PM -4:00 PM After School Program  

What to Bring

  • What to Bring

    Avid4 Adventure will provide all necessary outdoor and safety equipment. On your participation day please bring:

    • Sack lunch and a snack packed in a bag with your child’s name on the outside.
    • Clothing appropriate for the weather to be outside all day. This should include rain gear (poncho, rain jacket, etc.) if there is any chance of rain, and a warm layer.
    • Extra set of clothing and shoes packed in a day pack or bag.
    • A full, one liter, non-breakable water bottle labeled with the child’s name
    • Sunscreen (15+ SPF) with child’s name clearly labeled

After School Program

  • After School Program

    After School Parent & Sibling Program From 3:00PM- 4:00PM after the Avid4 Adventure program, the portion of the student body that participated that day is invited to bring their parents and siblings to the Intensive area to participate with them. Since the Outdoor Intensive must immediately move to another school, there will not be an after school program on the last day. Participants in the last day’s program are welcome to come to an after school program on any of the other days. This provides a chance for kids to show their parents what they have learned during their day at Avid4, as well as an opportunity for parents to get a few pointers from their kids as they try the activity! We ask that students only attend the after school program once. We highly encourage you to plan to attend this after school session. Parents or siblings that wish to try one of the activities will first be required to read and sign a Risks & Release Form and Indemnity Agreement. This is the same form that parents signed for their kids before the Intensive. These will be available at the Intensive, or you can download it from the forms section of our website.

Weather Contingencies & Safety

  • Weather Contingencies & Safety

    We will make every effort to conduct the program even in inclement weather. Weather is a very real part of every outdoor experience and thus can provide great learning opportunities. We have activity modifications if weather dictates.

    Avid4 Adventure prides itself in offering creative and instructive recreational opportunities. From climbing and hiking to kayaking and biking, participants can experience a variety of activities. However, please remember that all adventure activities, including those offered by Avid4, include inherent and other risks. These risks come with the territory, and are part of any recreation and adventure opportunity your child may participate in. That is why at Avid4, we focus on running a quality program, to mitigate these risks and dangers:

    • We hire staff that is proficient and tested in their area of instruction and trained in first aid and CPR.
    • We have developed a risk management plan to monitor & address risks and activities in our programs.
    • We inspect all of our equipment regularly.
    • We precede activities with a talk about potential risks and how to avoid or minimize those risks.
    • We have staff to participant ratios that provide for individualized attention and constant group management.
    • Participants are oriented to the concept that safety is a top priority, and each participant becomes a member of the safety team. This increases hazard awareness as well as personal responsibility.
    • Avid4 has written activity protocols to promote consistency and address inherent risks.
    • Avid4 programs are age and ability appropriate. We believe that it’s much more important to have a great time than it is to reach the top.

    Please contact us if you have any further questions, or would like to review our risk management plan.

Nature of Activites

  • Nature of Activites

    At Avid4 we are outside playing, running, kayaking, hiking, biking and climbing every day. During the day, it is often the case that students will come home with a scrape or bruise due to the physicality of activities. This is simply the nature of learning outdoor activities. For a more detailed discussion of the spectrum of risks involved in outdoor activities, please refer to our Acknowledgement & Assumption of Risks form, or talk with the Avid4 Program Director. Here is a bit more detail:

    Rock Climbing Kids will learn about techniques, precautions, equipment and history of the sport. Top-roped climbing will take place on an artificial climbing wall, always wearing helmets. Kayaking & Canoeing Our flatwater instruction program gives students a chance to learn about techniques, precautions, equipment and history of the sport. Our teaching progression emphasizes incrementally developing comfort with equipment and the environment in order to facilitate success experiences. PFD’s (life jackets) will be worn at all times. Mountain Biking Avid4adventure’s fleet of mountain bikes can accommodate any size student. We can work with all ability levels. Riders will not only learn technique, precautions, equipment and history of the sport, but also some basics of bicycle maintenance. Helmets are worn at all times


  • Questions

    Questions? If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Avid4 Adventure:, [email protected], or 720.249.2412. We are looking forward to a GREAT course.