Day Camp Available Jobs

Day Camp Available Jobs

Day Camp: Openings

Thank you so much for your interest in working with us. At Avid4 Adventure, our goal would be to hire you for a position that you will excel at. With that being said, we will give careful individual attention to each application in order to assess which positions best suit your skills. For example, if you have significant experience rock climbing, then you would likely find yourself working primarily Climbing Camps, however if you are more of a generalist, then you may end up working a lot of Multi-Sport Camps. All of our staff will have some variety in their schedule, for example a Paddling Instructor could also be scheduled to work some Multi-Sport Camps (depending on camp enrollment).

Below are a list of job descriptions for the many different camps that we offer.  Please feel free to peruse as you wish.  Each of the Instructor job descriptions leads to an identical online application, so it does not matter which one you choose (Leadership Position descriptions have a separate application).  

You will be able to select your job preferences in the application. Once we review your application, we will be in touch to discuss how your skills could best be utilized with Avid4 Adventure.

Leadership Positions

Regional Manager (CA) - This position is no longer available.

Open Positions

Discovery Director  (Denver, CO) – Part-time or Full-time Role available! 

Discovery Instructor (CA – Berkeley)

Aftercare Supervisor (CA – Berkeley)


All positions listed below are fully staffed. If you would still like to apply, we will keep your application on file and contact you if our staffing needs change.

Extended Care Specialists (CA and CO)

Discovery Instructor (CA and CO)

Explorer Instructor (CA and CO)

Multi-Sport Instructor (CA and CO)

Lead Climbing Instructor (CA and CO)

Mountain Biking Instructor (CA and CO)

Paddling Instructor (CO)

Survival Skills Instructor (CO)

Free Ride Bike Instructor (CO)

Class Teachers Job Description (CO)