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Leadership Camp for High School Girls

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Leadership Camp for High School Girls

If you’re reading this page, whether as a high school girl or as a parent of a teenage girl, you know that one of the biggest opportunities we can give young girls in our culture is the chance to see their highest potential.  Let’s face it, we all could use someone on our side cheering us on and making clear to us everything we are capable of.  In this unique program, Avid4 Adventure is partnering with MergeLane, a Boulder-based company that invests in and coaches female business leaders. In one week, our goal is to provide you with a transformative experience where you will unlock your strengths and discover your personal leadership style.

You don’t have to be out in front of crowds to be a leader. Each of us has unique gifts and character traits that make up our “leadership style”.  We will help you identify your strengths, plan life goals, and work on the communication skills you need to pursue whatever dreams you have for your life.  Avid4 Adventure’s top-notch instructors will also take you to beautiful outdoor settings to climb, bike, and paddle (no experience required!), tapping into new confidence that can’t be found in a classroom.  Each day will be a blend of indoor activities based at the cool downtown location for start up businesses, Galvanize, and outdoor activities at amazing crags, trails, and the Boulder reservoir.  

Surrounded by an encouraging community of girls, business leader coaches, and certified outdoor educators, you should come away from this program energized, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Camp Details

GRADES Entering 9th-12th
Hours 9am - 5pm
Extended Care: 8am - 9am
Lunch $25 for a GoPicnic Daily Lunch
Policies Cancellations & Date Changes


Price Extended Care (AM)
Session Price $549 $25

$25 REGISTRATION FEE per camper/year (see policies)

*No discounts available for this camp, sorry!


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MORNING: Uncovering Strengths & Leadership
AFTERNOON: Adventure Sports

It’s 9:00 am on an already warm August day in Boulder, Colorado. You pull up to camp still buzzing from yesterday’s content.  It’s strange to think that yesterday your fellow participants felt like strangers, but now you feel connected to them as if they have been life long friends.

You head into Galvanize and take a seat. Sue jumps right into a new and challenging question about what your hidden strengths may be and how to engage them. You dig deep to unlock your “Zones of Genius”, the things you do most easily among your talents. Tomorrow, you’ll be writing out your vision for your life, and this is the precursor.  You’ll even pitch your vision to your peers, so you’ll be learning the best forms of communicating that in front of a group.  Before you know it, the morning is over and it’s time to move into the outdoor section of leadership camp.

Your Avid4 Adventure instructors pile into the van with you and your peers. The smell of dirt and rubber accompanies the excitement for an afternoon of mountain biking. Still reflecting on the hidden strengths you discovered this morning, you nail a feature on the trail that previously would have been daunting. Your instructors have given you just the right tips to navigate that section. Tomorrow it’s working with your peers to paddle the Boulder Reservoir, and the next day you get to try climbing on real rock. With climbing routes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, your instructors have set up a supportive environment for everyone. 

Just like that, the day ends and the van trip back to camp is full of chatter about each person’s accomplishments on the ride. Goodbyes are exchanged and seeds of excitement are planted for the next day.



Sue is a CEO, founder, speaker, advisor, investor, mentor, professor, former civil rights attorney, creative visionary, operator, and catalyst. As co-founder and CEO of MergeLane, a fund and accelerator targeting companies with at least one woman in leadership. Sue works closely with high-potential leaders, executive teams, and growth companies on topics including conscious leadership, partner dynamics, and in various growth-focused areas of business. “Sue is PHENOMENAL! She dives in to your strengths to truly understand your style and give the development coaching best suited for you. That alone makes the time spent with her gold.” – Nadya Nguyen, CEO Hidrate

Eliza Earle - photo

However you describe them, Avid4 Adventure instructors are a breed apart. They’re insatiable outdoors experts with serious safety and skills training.  They get crazy high marks from campers and parents alike. They’re also talented teachers with the rare ability to connect with you, make you feel comfortable, and inspire you to push your limits. 

“Working with Avid4 allowed me to develop my skills and solidify my comfort being outdoors, in the sense that I personally gained crucial skills, but also in the sense that I learned the ins and outs of being a strong and assertive force.” – Sophie Kelly, age 17



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