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Check out our video and get a glimpse into working with Avid4 Adventure, and for answers to some frequently asked questions. After watching the video, check out position specific FAQs below. You can also take a look at our most recent Staff Culture Book.

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Day Camps

  • What minimum certifications do I need to work for Avid4 Adventure day camps?

      Camp Director Adventure & Single Sport Instructors  Explorer Instructors Discovery Instructors ** Aftercare Supervisor & Assistant
    Certifications required by the start of your first day of work

    Wilderness First Responder


    Medication Administration

    Wilderness First Aid


    Community First Aid *


    Community First Aid *


    Community First Aid *


    Required Certifications provided at Avid4 Adventure Staff Training

    Defensive Van Driving

    Red Cross Small Craft Certification

    Defensive Van Driving

    Red Cross Small Craft Certification

    Defensive Van Driving

    Red Cross Small Craft Certification

    Red Cross Small Craft Certification

    Medication Administration

    SUGGESTED (but not required Certifications provided at Avid4 Adventure Staff Training  

    Medication Administration


    Defensive Van Driving 

    Red Cross Small Craft Certification

    * Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is SUGGESTED.

    ** If you are hired as a “Discovery Director” in addition to these certifications, you need to be certified as a Large Center Director.

    In addition, we expect all staff to know basic skills in our core adventure sports (we will provide you with videos and other support as needed).

    Certification Courses offered by Avid4 Adventure BEFORE staff training (these courses are usually offered in May):

    • Wilderness First Aid
    • CPR
    • Medication Administration Course
    • Community First Aid

    Below is a list of other organizations that offer certification courses. 100% online courses for CPR are not accepted.

    WFA, WFR, and EMT Certification Course Organizations:

    CPR Certification Organizations:


    Do you pay for Required Certifications?

    WFR for Camp Directors: YES! We reimburse 50% of the cost for WFR immediately and then reimburse the other 50% after completion of your second summer as a Director.

    WFA for Instructors: YES! To pay for this cert, we increase your hourly pay by $0.50. So, over the course of a summer, you will earn approximately $200 to cover the cost of this incredibly useful certification. 

    CPR: No. We do not pay for this certification.  

    Medical Administration: No.  We do not pay for this certification, but most staff do not need it.  It is very inexpensive and a great certification, so most staff choose to get it at their own expense.

    Van Training/Paddling Certification: Yes! We provide these valuable certifications FREE to you! Please note that you are not paid during these training days (just like you are not paid when you are attending your first aid or cpr course).

    What other paperwork does Avid4 Adventure need from me if I am hired?

    The documentation we need from staff varies based on your position and the state you will be working in. Once you sign a job offer, you will receive a login to our paperwork system, which will clearly outline all of the documentation you need to provide.

    Where and when is day camp staff training?

    Staff training is mandatory for all staff and is a total of seven days, 8am-5pm, Sunday-Sunday . Training dates and locations will be posted in February. California day camp training is in the Bay Area and usually the first week of June and Colorado day camp training is in Boulder and usually the third week of May. Training days are paid at minimum wage, except for days where staff receive a certification (driving & paddle sports days) which are not paid because Avid4 Adventure covers the cost of your certification.

    How am I compensated?

    Please see our compensation rates.

    Do you provide housing?

    Unfortunately, we don’t provide housing for our day camp staff.  However, we totally understand that this can be a BIG question for some of our staff.  So, through various connections, we have ways to make it easier for you to find and get housing!  Don’t worry – we will help!

    How many hours should I expect to work? Do I get time off during the summer?

    Please check each position description for specifics on hours, as they can vary for some positions. Day camp staff have the opportunity to take 1 – 2 weeks off during the summer. Partial week requests are not given due to the nature of our activities and consistency we want to establish with children and families.

    Are there opportunities to work past the summer?

    Yes! Please check our school program, event, and headquarters positions.

    Does my child get a discount on camp?


    • Salaried Staff – free camp
    • Seasonal Staff – 25% off when registering in advance, 50% off (less than 5 days to the start of camp), 75% off (last minute discount; within 24 hours of camp starting).

Colorado Mtn Camp

  • Do you hire International Staff?

    Yes! We strive for diversity in all ways at CMC.  All international staff should fill out our online application.  If we decide that you are a good fit for CMC, then we will help you with all of your visa and travel arrangements.  Avid will provide you with a partial travel reimbursement and a paid summer salary, but international staff will need to personally cover the additional expenses for visas and travel.

    Am I a good fit for CMC?

    Colorado Mountain Camp hires roughly 25 camp staff each summer who we consider the best at living our camp culture and creating a home-away-from-home for our campers. Working at a residential camp where you live on site and mentor campers 24-7 is not for everyone. We look for individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the life of a child, who believe strongly in the positive benefits of outdoor experiences, who come to the job with technical skills in outdoor sports, and who find energy and joy in creating an amazing experience for campers.

    What if I don’t have much outdoor experience?

    Our number one goal at CMC is to inspire kids to have a life-long love of outdoor activity and to teach them to be environmental stewards. CMC staff come with a wide range of experiences and skill sets relating to the outdoors. It is not a requirement that you are expert in all of our sports, but we are looking for a solid foundation in several of them and experience in the backcountry. Our pre-camp staff training covers many of the skills you will teach throughout the summer.

    What is CMC Staff Training all about?

    All CMC staff will participate in a mandatory pre-season training. Topics will include youth development strategies, risk management, learning age group characteristics, team building, facilitation skills, leadership techniques, adventure sports teaching, backcountry skills and much more! Of course, staff training is also about bonding and having FUN, and becoming oriented to the 200 acres of camp you’ll call home for the summer. Throughout the summer, team development continues through regular meetings to discuss areas for program improvement and strategies to ensure campers grow and have the most intentional learning experience at camp as possible.

    What certifications do I need?

    All CMC staff are required to have a minimum of current CPR and Wilderness First Aid prior to staff training. Nurses are required to have an RN or LPN, and our Lead Staff (Climbing and LIT) are required to have a current Wilderness First Responder certification. All lead staff will attend additional in-house trainings for their core sport, provided by Avid4 Adventure. All staff will attend a Red Cross Small Craft Certification as part of training and is provided by CMC.

    Where do staff live?

    Lodging for the summer season is provided as part of the contract at CMC. Instructors will live with the camper groups inside rustic, yet modern, cabins. Support Staff members will live in cabins and lodging located around the camp property. Cabin storage is limited, but the bed is comfy and the cool nights wonderful.

    How does the time off schedule work?

    We want staff to be at their best all the time, so time is allotted to relax and recharge. Scheduled time off varies from week to week and usually amounts to at least one night off during each session, a short time off during the day, and additional time off between each session.

    Do I need a car?

    Nope–your meals, lodging, health needs, and fun are all provided at camp! At CMC, we want to create as low a carbon footprint as possible, so we HIGHLY encourage staff to carpool when they have time off. You can usually get a ride into town with another staff member when you have scheduled time off.

    How do I communicate with the outside world?

    We have a staff phone (landline) that may be used at specific times, for short periods of time. We do have very spotty cell phone reception at camp and encourage you to use your cell phones only on time off. Staff usage of these items is a privilege that is not available to campers, so staff must use discretion with them. We have a handful of laptops available for staff to use, however many staff bring their own laptops to camp. Wireless internet is available at camp, but we ask that you use your computer at specifically designated times only and never in the cabin. Staff members assume all risk associated with bringing expensive items to camp.

    How much are staff paid and when?

    Our competitive salaries are determined by qualifications, years of service, and your role. See our compensation rates. In addition to salary and travel allowance, instructors are provided with meals, lodging and health service. You will receive a paycheck every two weeks throughout the summer.

    Does Avid4 Adventure offer staff any other perks?

    YES! Our staff are the core of who we are and we want to make sure that we take care of them. CMC staff are entitled to the following perks:

    • A pro deal program for serious discounts on gear
    • A reimbursement for returning staff of up to $100 per year for certifications related to biking, climbing, paddling or LNT
    • A $50 reimbursement annually for any race, event or fundraiser involving our core sports
    • A contest where one lucky staff member amongst all Avid4 Adventure programs wins a flight to anywhere in the world that United flies, with a $500 travel stipend for a dream adventure
    • 50% of health insurance for employees who work 6 or more months in a year (reimbursement applies to Avid4 Adventure health plans only)

School Programs

  • When do you hire for school programs and who is eligible to apply?

    We send an email announcement to our summer camp staff mid-summer when we start hiring for fall school program positions. These positions are only open to Avid4 Adventure summer camp staff.  Positions are awarded based on staff performance over the summer, parent & director reviews and availability. While we wish we could employ as many summer staff who are interested, we have considerably fewer school program positions available.

    What are the hours?

    While our goal is to get our staff as much work as possible, work hours can be sporadic.  Some days are 5 hours while others may be 12.  Some may start at 6:00 a.m. and others at noon.  That is the nature of school programs; we model our program times to fit each school. Staff receive schedules the Wednesday before a program starts.

    Where do school programs take place and is drive time paid?

    Currently, we only conduct school programs in Colorado.  The majority of off-campus programs occur at Chatfield State Park in Highlands Ranch or Bear Creek Lake Park in Morrison. On-campus programs occur across the front range in towns such as Boulder, Denver, Longmont, Erie, Highlands Ranch and Golden. There is usually a carpool van from Boulder, however commute times are a reality and drive time is NOT PAID TIME.

    How are school programs paid?

    School program work is paid hourly.  Please see our pay scale.  However, if you are working at a school overnight program, we pay per day instead of hourly–you are paid your Camp Day Rate + $15 for the overnight portion per day.

Event Positions

  • How much should I expect to work?

    In Colorado, we have events most weekends from May-September. Sometimes just one day; others both weekend days. Therefore, event staff tend to work as-needed. Needs may also arise during the week for special events that occur around camp hours. Currently, we are not running events in California.

    Do I need event experience?

    No, we will train you to operate our mobile elements.  You do need an incredibly positive attitude, experience instructing kids, amazing interpersonal skills, and the fortitude to work long hours in the heat.