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Camp Locations

  • Where is Colorado Mountain Camp?

    Camp for 1st – 6th graders is held at The Jefferson County Outdoor Lab at Mt. Evans 201 Evans Ranch Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439

    Camp for 7th – 11th graders is held at The Jefferson County Outdoor Lab at Windy Peak, 20973 Wellington Lake Road, Bailey, CO.

    Adventure Educators-in-Training (11th-12th graders) and Adventure Education Interns (Ages 18+) will be assigned to one of our two locations to fulfill leadership roles at each camp. 

    Why do you have two locations?

    As Colorado Mountain Camp continues to grow each season, we are very aware of the importance of maintaining “small family feel” and providing personal attention to each camper. Two overnight camp locations allows us to reduce the number of campers at each location and continue to keep the camper experience at the center of everything we do. 

    A few of our goals:

    • We want staff to know campers on a personal level and provide each camper with an individualized experience based on their ability level. 
    • We want campers to have easy access to all activities. Campers should not be “shut out” of activities, feel overwhelmed, or wait in lines for an opportunity to climb or participate in a game, etc.
    • We want to provide excellent supervision at all times and all levels: safety supervision, helping campers to quickly develop great camp friendships, and helping campers feel comfortable away from home. 

    How do the two locations compare to each other? Is one better than the other?

    Mt. Evans and Windy Peak are truly “sister camps”. Jefferson County owns both facilities and uses them throughout the year for outdoor programming for students within the district.

    Both locations have stunning features.  Mt. Evans, with over 500 private acres, and surrounded by several thousand acres of JeffCo Open Space, provides ample opportunity for adventures to happen on site or within a very short drive. Highlights of the property include on site rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, backpacking, and so much more!

    Windy Peak is nestled on 225 acres adjacent to the Colorado Trail.  It boasts historic buildings and artifacts, a Kiwanis Astronomy lab, a trout pond maintained by Trout Unlimited, cabin accommodations and breathtaking views.



    Are the programs different at each location?

    The major difference is that we serve different grade groups at each location. Entering 1st-6th graders at Mt. Evans and entering 7th-11th graders at Windy Peak. Camp traditions, recognition ceremonies, private dining hall chefs, and cultural aspects will be very similar, with adjustments for age range. 

    What happens if I have campers at both locations?

    While we know that having campers at two locations is not ideal logistically for many families, we are working hard to provide options for parents for drop off, pick up, and parent’s day. We will stagger times to allow families to make it to both locations during the same session and not miss out on any of the fun!

    Can I visit either of the camp locations?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide pre-season tours. You are more than welcome to visit once camp has started, prior to your camper attending.  A tour can be scheduled with your Camp Director. Until that time, you can see photos of our facilities on our Mt. Evans and Windy Peak website pages. 

    What is the elevation at camp?

    Colorado Mountain Camp sits at approximately 8,200 feet in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

    What's the weather like?

    We usually have beautiful weather throughout the summer (average days in the 70s or 80s and average evenings in the 50s). However, we’ve also been known to have rainy days, hot days, thunderstorms and sometimes even warm summer snowfall. If you follow our packing list in our Pre-Camp Guide your child should be prepared for whatever weather comes our way.

    What should my child bring to camp?

    See the Colorado Mountain Camp packing list in our Pre-Camp Guide. This list is updated in the spring. 

    I have more questions. What now?

    Give our Customer Experience Team a call at (800) 977-9873 or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Camp Schedule

  • What does a typical day look like?

    Camp is a little different for different groups on different days, but here’s a typical schedule:

    7:00am: Rise and shine

    7:30am: Breakfast

    8:15am: Prepare for the day

    8:45 – 11:45am: Adventure activity

    12:00 – 1:30pm: Lunch and rest hour

    1:30 – 4:30pm: Adventure activity

    4:30 – 5:30pm: Shower and games hour

    5:30 – 6:15pm: Dinner

    6:30 – 8:30pm: Choice activity: skits, live music, skills clinics, all-camp games, etc.

    8:45 – 9:15pm: Cabin time and lights out

    How structured is the camp schedule?

    For our younger campers, we intentionally limit choice so they can experience the range of activities we have available. As kids grow older, we give them more choice in what sports they want to focus on, providing enough staff and structure to keep them comfortable, and enough freedom to allow for self-direction and discovery.

    What should I know about the first day of camp?

    Complete details will be provided in the spring of 2017.  

    After you arrive: You’ll be met by staff members who will give you information about where to park, help you unload your car (if needed) and direct you to the check-in location. At the check-in location, our team will help you check in, collect forms and medications (if applicable), answer any questions you have and walk you and your camper to meet the other campers and staff. After that, you’re welcome to stay for a tour of camp led by our camp director. We’ll handle taking your camper’s belongings to the correct cabin.

    What about the last day? What's Parents' Day?

    Plan for an extended stay on the last day of the session—this is Parents’ Day, an opportunity for you to experience first hand what your kids did and learned throughout their camp session. Come dressed for fun, as parents will have the opportunity to participate in some outdoor activities with their campers. Parents’ Day details will be provided in the spring of 2017. 

    What time is drop-off/pick-up?

    Drop-Off & Pick-Up

    In order to provide each family with a smooth and personalized check-in experience, we have staggered check-in times for each camp location and request that you drop-off at your designated time and not prior to our gate opening. If you have campers at both locations, please review the information closely. After the check-in process, parents will have the option of taking a self-guided tour of our facilities or a guided tour with our staff. Please plan on 30 minutes at a minimum for drop-off or an hour if you plan on taking a tour, assisting with camper move-in, etc. 

    Pick-Up & Parents’ Day

    Come ready to get wet and be active! We will have closing ceremonies and then provide you with the opportunity to go paddling, biking and more with your child. Families will be able to participate in 2-3 activities in the time allotted.   Campers may not leave camp with anyone except their parents or guardian unless arrangements have been made with our camp office in advance. 

    Mt. Evans: Grades 1-6

    Grade 1: Mini Camp, Wednesday Drop Off

    10:00am:  Drop-off for 1st grade participants

    Grades 2-6: Sunday Drop Off

    12:30pm:  CMC gate opens & cars may enter

    12:30-2:30pm: Drop-off for Mini Camp, 2nd-4th, 4th-6th, & Expedition Backpacking program participants. 

    All Grades: Saturday Pick-Up 

    Pick-up times are staggered according to grade to allow for ease of traffic. If you have campers in both grade groups, please come for the 8:30am pick-up. Please arrive for the start of your time slot to be part of all ceremonies and activities with your child.

    1st & 2nd -4th grade programs: 8:30am – 10:00am

    4th -6th grade programs: 9:30am – 11:00am  


    Windy Peak: Grades 7-11

    Sunday Start: 

    1:30pm:  CMC gate opens & cars may enter

    1:30-3:30pm:  7th-8th & 9th-11th grade program participants. 


    Saturday Pick-Up

    9:30am – 11:30am:  7th-8th & 9th-11th grade programs. 

    Can my camper stay over if he/she is doing two consecutive one-week sessions?

    On select dates we offer an “Adventure Bridge Day” for campers who are doing two consecutive one-week sessions to stay at Colorado Mountain Camp on the Saturday between their sessions. The dates Adventure Bridge Days are offered are:

    • June 24
    • July 8
    • July 22
    • August 5

    The Adventure Bridge Day includes all meals, lodging, laundry, and a full-day of adventure programming. Your camper will be placed with a 4th-6th grade group and participate their scheduled activities for the day. Activities could include any of our adventure sports, depending on the group’s schedule. The cost for an Adventure Bridge Day is $120.   

    Can I come to camp for a visit?

    Due to the short duration of our sessions, we don’t allow visitors until Parents’ Day on the last day of the session.

My Camper & Important Forms

  • Important Camp Forms

    You should receive an email from DocuSign with a packet of paperwork within 2-4 weeks of your registration. You can access forms for your doctor to fill out here.

    How physically fit does my camper need to be?

    Colorado Mountain Camp provides an active environment—mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing are central to all of our programs, and take place at high altitudes. It’s important that campers have some level of fitness, but more importantly, that they have a good attitude and are ready to have fun! All of our programs are designed to ease campers into our setting and become more challenging as they build skills and confidence. If our staff assesses that a camper’s positive experience or safety is at risk because he/she is not physically able to perform a specific sport or if a camper’s behavior is detrimental to the group, we will re-group that camper with a group at an appropriate level for that specific sport or activity.

    Can my camper request to be in a cabin with a friend?

    We’re happy to accommodate cabin requests as long as the requests are mutual and the campers attend the same week. We organize cabins based on grade and make assignments carefully to promote an accepting and inclusive atmosphere. Unfortunately, we cannot place single-week campers in cabins with multi-week campers, nor can we mix genders.

    How will I know how my camper is doing?

    Our goal is to provide a fun, empowering experience for every camper. You will receive weekly communication from the director about what’s happening at camp, but please don’t hesitate to be in touch with any specific questions you have concerning your camper. We’ll be in touch if we have any concerns or questions about your child.

    What should I do if I have a confidential concern about my camper?

    Your camper’s safety and comfort are extremely important to us. It’s essential that you discuss any and all concerns (e.g., anxiety) or habits (e.g., bedwetting, sleepwalking) with the director so that our staff is equipped to handle them. You can also communicate this information by filling out our Get To Know You form. Rest assured, we treat every camper with sensitivity and respect.

Staff & Safety

  • How old are your counselors?

    Our staff members are all at least 18 years old, and our senior staff and activity leaders are all at least 21 years old. Our average counselor age is 27. We hire people who have extensive experience (both personally and professionally) in the outdoors, who are passionate about education and who demonstrate a genuine commitment to helping kids learn and grow as outdoor adventurers.

    How is your staff trained?

    All of our staff members attend a mandatory weeklong training session prior to the first day of camp, during which they are professionally trained in risk management, counseling and activity-specific skills. All staff members are certified in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Small Craft Water Safety and Defensive Driving. Staff members who lead extended expeditions are certified as Wilderness First Responders. Our staff also participates in intensive in-house trainings in mountain biking, rock climbing and Leave No Trace, and often come to us with their own nationally recognized certifications.

    How is your camp licensed/accredited?

    Avid4 Adventure is accredited by the American Camp Association and licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

    How do you keep campers safe?

    While no outdoor adventure activity is totally without risk, we demonstrate our deep commitment to safety by teaching campers good judgment. We encourage kids to take well-communicated, calculated risks and approach challenges with intelligence and information—skills useful not just at camp, but in all aspects of their lives. Learn more about our approach to safety and safety statistics or review our Risks & Release form in the registration process for more information on our activities, their risks and participant and parent responsibilities.

    I've read all your safety information and I still have questions. What next?

    Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll answer them.

Health & Homesickness

  • What health services are available at camp?

    We have a full-time registered nurse working in our on-site health clinic while camp is in session. All of our staff is also trained in (at minimum) Wilderness First Aid and CPR, and we have physician on call to advise us on any other medical concerns. Our health clinic is a clean, private, comfortable place to treat cuts, bruises, stomachaches and homesickness, or just to provide a quiet spot for campers to regroup. Our health care staff takes meticulous care of every medical situation, especially when dispensing medicine. If you have specific medical concerns, we’re happy to put you in contact with our nurse prior to camp.

    What if my camper takes regular medication?

    Basic medications

    When you register, you can sign our Over The Counter Medications waiver, giving us permission to give your child the basic medications we keep on hand at the CMC clinic, as needed:

    • Activated charcoal – If directed by Poison Control
    • Aloe Gel – Sunburn
    • Anbesol – Mouth sores
    • Antacid/Pepto-Bismol – Upset stomach
    • Anti-fungal cream – Foot infections
    • Auralgan otic solution – Ear wash
    • Benadryl – Allergic reactions
    • Betadine – Topical wound cleaning
    • Calamine lotion – poison ivy/poison oak exposure
    • Carmex – Lip burns/dryness
    • Chloraceptic – Sore throat
    • Chlor-Trimeton – Non-drowsy allergy relief
    • Double antibiotic ointment – Topical treatment for minor cuts or burns
    • Hydrocortizone cream – itchy skin
    • Ibuprofen – Cramps, sore throat, aches, pains
    • Immodium – Diarrhea
    • Milk Of Magnesia – Constipation
    • Pepcid – Allergic reactions/upset stomach
    • Robitussin DM – Cough
    • Saline solution – Eye wash
    • Throat drops – Sore throat
    • Tylenol – Pain or fever
    • Zyrtec and/or Claritin – Allergic reactions

    Administering Medications from home

    If your child needs to take regular medication at camp, simply fill out our Permission to Administer Medication form when you register, detailing the exact guidelines and requirements for any medication your child takes.

    All medications should come to camp in their original packaging—we cannot accept medication separated in plastic bags or pill holders. We need a doctor’s note giving us permission to administer ANY medications your child brings from home.

    If you don’t want to provide a doctor’s note for the medications listed under “Basic Medications” above, please sign our Over The Counter Medications waiver, allowing us to give your child what we have at the CMC clinic, rather than bringing it from home.

    What if my child has severe allergies or respiratory issues?

    If your child has severe allergies or respiratory issues, please fill out the Severe Allergy Health Care Plan or Respiratory Health Care Plan form when you register so our nurse is aware of your child’s needs.

    What happens if a camper becomes ill or is injured?

    Our camp staff or nurse will provide any minor medical treatments on site. For any emergency or major medical treatment, there is a larger medical facility in Conifer (a 30-minute drive from camp). If a child becomes acutely ill, we will contact his or her parents and keep the child in our clinic for no more than 24 hours. Any child with a contagious illness will be sent home. In the rare event that a camper has to stay overnight in our health clinic, we will always notify his or her parents. We also contact parents immediately in the event of an accident or injury that requires more than just a Band-Aid or ice.

    How do you handle homesickness?

    Our highly qualified staff is trained to make camp a welcoming and safe environment for every child. We establish routines, build immediate rapport with campers and keep kids’ schedules jam-packed to avoid downtime. Additionally, our Get To Know You form in camp registration process helps us understand and address your child’s specific needs.

    What if my camper gets homesick anyway?

    The vast majority of homesickness passes within the first 24 – 48 hours of camp. In the rare instance that a child is truly struggling, we’ll call you for advice and to make a plan for how to proceed. We have never had a camper who needed to go home due to homesickness.

    How can I prepare my camper for homesickness before camp starts?

    It’s perfectly normal for campers (and their parents) to feel a bit homesick at some point during the camp session. Before camp begins, you can help prepare your child with a few strategies recommended by the American Camp Association:

    • Encourage independence throughout the year. Practice short separations, such as sleepovers at a friend’s house.
    • Involve your child in the process of choosing a camp. The more your child owns the decision, the more comfortable he or she will feel at camp. Look at pictures of camp, and let your child pack his or her suitcase.
    • Talk candidly with your camp director with any anxieties that you or your child may have.
    • Discuss what camp will be like before your child leaves. Consider role-playing anticipated situations, such as using a flashlight to find the bathroom.
    • Our camp has a no-phone-calls policy—honor it.
    • Send a note or care package ahead of time to arrive on the first day of camp.
    • Acknowledge that you will miss each other in a positive way. For example, “I am going to miss you, but I know you’ll have a great time at camp!”
    • Pack a personal item from home, such as a stuffed animal.
    • Don’t bribe. The reward for a successful stay at camp should be your child’s newfound confidence and independence, not a material object.
    • Don’t plan an exit strategy. If a “rescue call” comes from your child, be patient and help put the timeframe into perspective. Avoid the temptation to bring your child home early.
    • Don’t feel guilty about encouraging your child to stay at camp. For many children, camp is a first step toward independence and plays an important role in their growth and development.

    What is your policy on lice?

Camper Groups

  • How are campers grouped?

    Campers are in a group of no more than 13 campers, who are all about the same age, along with two staff members. The activities campers do are geared to how old they are and how much experience they have.  The small size of camper groups will make it easy to get to make new friends. Usually campers are in either an all-boys or an all-girls group, although occasionally, depending on our registration numbers, we create some co-ed activity groups.

    Campers have time to hang out with kids from other groups when the whole camp comes together for meal times, all-camp activities and opening and closing ceremonies.

    I'm new to camp. Will I be the only one?

    Nope. Kids come to Colorado Mountain Camp from all over the country, and we always have a mix of new and returning campers. We spend lots of time helping campers get to know each other and build friendships through games and teambuilding activities. What kind of sports will I do? All kinds. You’ll have a chance to kayak, rock climb, mountain bike, hike and participate in some low ropes course challenges. There may also opportunities to try stand up paddleboarding, canoeing, fishing, overnight camping, horseback riding, backpacking, ziplining, whitewater rafting, caving and lots of other adventures.


  • Where do campers eat?

    Campers eat in our dining hall when they’re on site at camp, or in the great outdoors when they’re out on expeditions. Meal times in our dining hall are more than just a chance to fill up—they’re a time for the entire camp to be together to eat with their cabin groups, visit with friends and family from other cabins, sing songs and listen to announcements. They’re social events that happen three times a day.

    What will my camper eat in the dining hall?

    Our kitchen crew makes almost everything from scratch in our state-of-the-art kitchen, whipping up kid-friendly, family-style meals. We serve fresh fruit in the morning and have a full salad bar available at lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner also boast a fantastic desert, like Oreo pie, blackberry cobbler, apple cake or chocolate chip cookies. Here are some sample menus from last year:

    CMC Sample Menu #1
    CMC Sample Menu #2
    CMC Sample Menu #3

    Our summer camp menu rotates every two weeks, and there’s always something available to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. We encourage campers to try new foods. We can accommodate food allergies, vegetarian diets, and gluten-free needs. Make sure to have your doctor fill out the medical forms found in your registration confirmation email if your camper has special allergies we need to accommodate.

    There is no limit to the number of servings available and we are serious when we say that no one ever leaves our dining hall hungry!

    What will my camper eat off site?

    Menus for off-site adventures and overnight expeditions vary, as campers need to carry their food with them from location to location. Many times campers will have the opportunity to provide input into their meals and help plan the menu. They’ll also get to try their hands at “backcountry cooking,” making meals using their camp stoves.

    Who provides the food?

    In the dining hall, our professional staff plan and prepare our meals.

Cancellation & Date Changes

  • How do I transfer my session?

    Through April 30th, we are happy to transfer your camper into any other available session at no charge. Simply drop us an email at [email protected] with your camper’s name, current session, and the session you’d like to transfer to. Starting May 1st, we can transfer your camper into any other available session for a $15 per-session fee.

    How do I cancel my session?

    If you need to cancel your camp session within 24 hours of signing up, we can issue you a full refund. Simply send an email within that 24-hour period to [email protected] with your full name, your camper’s full name, the camp that you’re registered for and your camp dates. Our customer experience team will email a confirmation that your registration has been cancelled within 48 hours of receipt. If you need to cancel your session any time after 24 hours of registering, please let us know as soon as possible. We’ll refund you the cost of camp, less the following cancellation fees:

    • Through April 1: $100 cancellation fee per session
    • April 2 – May 15: $250 cancellation fee per session

    Starting May 16, we cannot issue any refunds.

    What if I need to cancel at the last minute due to illness or injury?

    We can transfer you to any other available session this or next summer. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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