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2nd-4th Grade Overnight Camp Program

For entering 2nd – 4th graders, the Colorado Mountain Camp experience is all about getting comfortable—with being away from home, exploring the outdoors, trying new things—and gaining a measure of independence. Throughout their one-week session, we help young adventurers get familiar with new surroundings, new people and new activities, helping them confidently stand (and climb, and bike) on their own two feet.

We group campers by grade and team them with dedicated counselors who live, eat and play with them all week, keeping campers so active and engaged that they’re often too busy to miss home. Buoyed by this support, they take on a range of designed-just-for-their-level adventures—climbing, biking, kayaking, a one-night expedition—and get immersed in the shared fun of games, songs and traditions that make overnight camp unforgettable.

By the end of the week, before they know it, campers have experienced and accomplished more than they ever imagined, fortified with a newfound sense of independence and a strong foundation for future adventures. Learn about our Pin Program! 

Camp Details

GRADES Entering 2nd-4th
Hours One-week session, Sunday - Saturday. Pick-up/drop-off times will be posted in the spring in the Pre-Camp guide.
Lunch All meals provided at camp.
Shuttle CMC shuttle to-from Denver International Airport:
$70 one-way
$140 round-trip
Policies Cancellations & Date Changes
Dates JUNE: 18-24, 25-July 1
JULY: 2-8, 9-15, 16-22, 23-29, 30-Aug. 5
AUGUST: 6-12
LOCATION Mt. Evans 201 Evans Ranch Road Evergreen, CO 80439
Saturday stay over option for campers doing two one-week sessions: June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5. Cost: $120.

Pricing: Sign up Early and SAVE

After Feb 28
June 25th & July 2nd Sessions:
$100 off!

Sibling discount: $100 off per sibling per session

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The Week’s Adventures

Rock Climbing
Canoeing & Kayaking
Horseback Riding
Whitewater Rafting
Low Ropes
Stand Up Paddleboarding

Campers get comfortable with rock climbing at the peak at Mt. Evans, on a gorgeous peak that provides climbs for every ability level. They learn climbing techniques, commands, equipment basics and safety precautions, incrementally working their way up the crag as their proficiency grows.

Campers learn flat-water skills on site in Jackson Pond, where we help them incrementally develop comfort with their equipment and environment through fun games and challenges. They gain experience with three types of craft—canoes, kayaks and stand up paddleboards—and practice paddling, water safety and rescue techniques, building balance and confidence.

Grouped by ability level so they’re challenged just the right amount, campers learn the biking techniques and bicycle maintenance skills necessary for riding on single track dirt trails. Whether they’re first-time riders or have plenty of biking experience, every camper gets out on our on-site trails to practice riding, gliding and braking.

We take campers out for short hikes, teaching them what all hikers need to know about being out on a trail—proper etiquette, what to wear, how to identify various flora and fauna—as they start building awareness of their surroundings and respect for the outdoors. While on the trail, campers also have a nationally recognized, instructor-led training on Leave No Trace principles.

Often the culminating experience for our youngest campers, our one-night expedition takes campers to our on-site campsite to spend a night in the wilderness. They work together to select a campsite, set up their tents, find water, cook meals—all skills they can take with them on future expeditions.

At nearby Camp IdRaHaJe, our youngest campers learn horsemanship skills, including safety around horses, grooming techniques and how to saddle and bridle. After saddling up and learning to steer, they go for a trail ride in the woods.

We work with Colorado licensed rafting companies to take kids out for a half-day of rafting. They learn to paddle through small rapids, stay safe on the water and work as a team to navigate their raft.

Campers build their teamwork skills throughout the entire camp experience, playing getting-to-know-you games and taking on low ropes course challenges to build strong bonds with their group and develop communication skills, patience, empathy and self-confidence.

Campers spend their first two or three days on stand up paddleboards where they will get comfortable balancing on their board, learning paddle strokes and practicing rescue techniques. Stand up paddleboarding is loved by many for its convenience, overall strength building, and incredible views.

Meet Your Director


Meet Your Director, Eric Rightor

I have dedicated my personal and professional life to the outdoors and I am sold on its power as a both a playground and a classroom.  I am thrilled to be part of the team here at Avid4 and provide your child with an incredible experience here at Mt. Evans.  For the past 10 years, I have been designing and leading overnight camp programs for kids, including at Camp Coniston, North Woods Camp for Boys, Pleasant Valley Camp for Girls, and lastly as the Executive Director at Camp Bauercrest.  I have seen first-hand the power of the outdoors to teach, test, and transform kids into their best selves – confident, independent, and part of something greater than they imagined.  While the activities are undeniably fun and the Mt. Evans location is gorgeous, the magic of camp is between these lines where friendships are formed, role models are made, accomplishments are celebrated, challenge is embraced, and moments last for a lifetime.  I believe so strongly in our community here at Colorado Mountain Camp and can’t wait for you and your child to experience CMC for yourselves.  I look forward to seeing you at Mt. Evans this summer!



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