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2018 Enrollment Opens Nov. 1st

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These days, a lot of kids grow up surrounded by screens. They're disconnected from the natural world, and from the joy of authentic adventure. At Avid4 Adventure summer camps in Colorado and California, we introduce kids to the power of the outdoors.

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Overcoming Fear

"Last summer, Meredith Smith signed her 5-year-old son Graham up for Avid4 Adventure's multi-sport Explorer Camp in Highlands Ranch on a recommendation from a friend. She kept expectations for her first-time camper realistic: "to have fun doing some new activities, make some friends and enjoy the Colorado summer." What she didn't expect was for him to like—or even participate in—the mountain biking portion of the week."

Learning to Fall and Get Back Up Again

"The photos on our website of kids engaging in incredible adventures might cause families to think Avid4 Adventure is only for super-athletic kids. The truth is, many of the kids that attend our camps every year start out very tentative about participating in those adventures. That was certainly the case for Madison, who, before camp, was too intimidated even to join the kids in her neighborhood on their bikes."

How Adventurers Are Made

"One of the most incredible things about kids is their hardwired willingness to try new things. But as they approach their teens, that enviable disposition starts to diminish, worn away by feelings of self-consciousness or self-doubt. Avid4 Adventure awakens that innate try-new-things mentality, creating an environment that makes it comfortable and fun for kids of all ages—even tweens—to try something new."

We Know the Ropes (and Harnesses… and Carabiners)
Our Camps Go The Distance
Our Team's Passion Runs Deep
We Push Boundaries

When at camp we’re teaching your kids to scale rock or navigate whitewater – and you want a seasoned team leading the charge. That’s where we come in. With a dozen years of experience under our belts, we know a thing or two about how to introduce kids to life-altering experiences that challenge them just the right amount. At the helm is David Secunda, former president of the Outdoor Industry Association and a 25-year vet of the industry. On the ground, we run top-notch, highly acclaimed summer camps, accredited by the American Camp Association and named among Colorado Parent’s Top 5 Sports Camps.

Balancing our zest for adventure is a deliberate, thoughtful approach to instilling competence and confidence in campers. That means that our curriculum and outdoor settings evolve as kids grow, from age 3 all the way to 17. We start kids on climbing walls, kayak tanks and other environments that are appropriate for beginners and use professional-quality gear that’s scaled to their size and ability level. When the time is right, we transport campers to nearby rocks, trails and bodies of water to have authentic outdoor experiences and discover local spots where they can return to play and explore on their own.

“Intense.” “Committed.” “Hard-core.”

However you describe them, our instructors are a breed apart. They’re insatiable outdoors experts with serious safety and skills training. They’re impeccably credentialed, all 21 and older, and they get crazy high marks from our discerning parents. They’re also talented teachers with the rare ability to connect with kids and inspire them to push their limits. When they’re not working, you’ll find them 3000 feet up a sheer rock face, kayaking down a raging river, crashing down a moonscape on a mountain bike—in short, embodying the same passion for outdoor adventure we teach at summer camp.

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The adventures kids have at camp aren’t without risk. But then, nothing truly adventurous is. We do everything in our power to keep kids safe, but we don’t pack them up in bubble wrap. Instead, we teach them all there is to know about the risks they’re taking on—what they are, how to minimize them, what to do if something goes wrong—in short, judgment. We find that when kids take on well-communicated, calculated risks, they start becoming more confident, thoughtful, responsible risk takers and problem solvers—not just in the outdoors, but in all aspects of their lives.